Hello Seattle


September 1, 2014.  My body aches today, as my daughter and I, with some friends, did some backpacking in the high Sierras the last couple of days. The weather was perfect and the scenes were glorious, and you just have to tell you knees to forget the pain and drink in the beauty. I came home and finished up a commission I started last week.

Ear Kunst

August 28, 2014. I often goof around on the piano before I draw something. I think it gets your brain into the right mode.



August 26, 2014. And I sit comfortably in my home, enjoying the company of my family and friends; eating what I want, and practicing my faith without fear that someone will take away everything that I have, including my life and the lives of my loved ones. History is repeating itself again, and this time will anyone do anything to stop it?

Deere John


August 23, 2014. Had lots of our daughter's friends spend the night and hang out with us the last couple days- love these "kids." Spent just a little time working on this commission, which will help pay for our car to get fixed.



August 21, 2014. Do not be discouraged. Continue in your faith. God is fully aware.



August 20, 2014. It was a little cooler today, and the car broke down again. Every day has a little good and a little bad, I suppose. I'm stretching out here and there with my watercolor, doing little sketches for the fun and practice of it. I thought this would make a nice thing to put on a mug.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

August 17, 2014. Trying to get the most out of the pen and ink on this one. The ink was smearing, and it bothered me at first; but then I saw its benefit, and decided to allow its freedom.