cafe sketching today

January 8, 2011. Here's a little video of some sketching I was doing today with a friend of mine, Erik. We were hanging out in a cafe. I was sketching him as he was sketching other people. I found out it's pretty tricky trying to video yourself with your left hand while sketching with the other. Maybe I'll have to tape the camera to my shoulder or something. The weather was incredibly warm for January, so we even tried a little outdoor sketching without gloves or coats.


Gary Yeung said...

it's really good record of your sketch session. Thanks for sharing.

Frankie said...

As Brian just commented "incredible!". I agree..loved the video and amazed how you could sketch and film at the same time. I hope you do this more often, makes me feel not so far away.

Rob Carey said...

thanks, Gary- have you made a video yet? I love your sketches.

"Frankie"- :) thanks- I made another one today, hope you like it.