gift and giver

two gulls, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

January 19, 2011. I watched an interesting DVD the other night with my wife called My Sister's Keeper. The film shows how a family deals with one of the daughters having cancer, and, I have to admit, I was quickly wiping my eyes when my kids unexpectedly came home toward the end of the show. Anyway, one of the themes of the movie seemed to express how life is a gift that we each experience, and how important it is to be thankful for it, even when it is cut short. I made a connection with that theme and a conversation I had with a student last week about gifts in general, as we just celebrated Christmas. The theme of that conversation was that it's important to place more value on the giver of the gift than the gift itself. (Yes, we are thankful for the hand-knit socks, but even more thankful for Grandma who made them.) I suppose the logical application, then, in regards to being thankful for life, is to be even more thankful for the persons who gave us life, first our parents, but ultimately to the creator himself.


Pierre Raby said...

...and you're surely one generous giver through your writings and artworks. Thanks for sharing such inspiration Rob. So many pieces I enjoyed recently, the two small clips, The big blue wall, Down under and your "self portrait" as a california dreamer (lol), great new template too. Passionate giver.

Rob Carey said...

Thank you, Pierre- very encouraging words. I was in a drawing slump today, so that was timely.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Inspiring words well said. Yes, I'm glad you're back.
I plan going to look at some of your older posts but right now I'm slacking on my drawing ;) which I think is the most important skill I can have as an artist.