misplaced gull

gull, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

January 18, 2011. It seems strange to me to see gulls here in Basel, flying along the Rhine River. They seem so out of place. I grew up with them in Long Beach, seeing them all the time. Sometimes I feel like one of these Basel gulls, longing for the spray of the sea and warm walks in the sand. I guess I'm just California dreaming today, and this is my self-portrait.


Anonymous said...

love the gull...I'm grabbing my pen and going sketching right now!

Rob Carey said...

Great! Is this Rich?

Poetry Man said...

Cool bird drawing here.

I'm just a random artist from Toronto, browsing other artists in the world. Isn't the internet great?

God bless!

Rob Carey said...

Yeah- thanks for your visit, I enjoyed seeing your artwork as well. Take care!