beach houses

Beach Houses

October 2, 2011. The campout with the boys and their dads went well. The weather couldn't have been better, the stars were magnificent; bratwurst over the campfire, night hike through the woods- memories made. Meanwhile, my daughter is with the other seniors- a church service on the beach in Italy this morning, wandering the streets of Rome today, seeing the sights, relearning the history. Today we'll ride bikes with my son to Holzen for the art fest, an annual tradition. My drawing today came from thinking about older memories, thoughts of California and campfires on the beach with friends.


Howard and Eileen Dueck said...

still lovin' your stuff, rob! it's so great to be able to follow you and your world from this side of the ocean! hugs to you all! eileen

RobCarey said...

and to you all- thanks for staying in touch!