Gothenburg, Sweden

October 29, 2011. I finished this one up today. I had forgotten about it from last year. We were busy framing some paintings today, getting ready for an exhibit next weekend here in Kandern, and I realized I wanted to include this one in the show. I haven't done too many monochrome drawings in a while.

loving fall

Wollbach, DE

October 27, 2011. I didn't have to go far to find this house to draw today. I intended to look for some red and golden trees, but I lingered here instead. There's nothing like autumn- the smoky smells, fresh air, bright colors against deep blue skies... pumpkin soup, fresh juice from the vines... thank you.

Wollbach view

Wollbach, DE

October 25, 2011. Sketching out my window today on this cloudy fall day.

mirror work

mirror Oct. 21, 2011

October 22, 2011. I hesitate to post these attempts at self-portraits, but maybe it will encourage someone out there to see the struggle and try it him/herself. It really is a struggle, because you're not working from a photo, you're looking at yourself in the mirror, and when you do that, you see so much more than just the reflection. I wouldn't call these failures. They both taught me something in the process, and for that I'm thankful. The one on the left was a 25-minute endeavor, and the one on the right was partially done without a mirror at all. Neither one is really me, but they both capture a little bit of me in a different way.

Wollbach area

field sketch- Wollbach, DE

October 20, 2011. A pencil sketch while sitting on the hillside in Wollbach today, looking down toward the bike path I use every day.

looking back

Heinrich's walk

October 17, 2011. A bit melancholy of me today... an image inspired as I was watching the kids on the playground, and earlier watching the leaves on the water pass under the bridge.

Ezra on the farm

Ezra 3


October 15, 2011. Doing a little sketching on the computer tonight, thinking about my dad, who is celebrating a birthday today back in Long Beach.

Tomkin up the hill


October 9, 2011. A character for my twelve nephews and nieces today, as I'm thinking about them, far away across the sea- I miss you all and hope you all have a great week.

rainy weekend

Lörrach, DE

October 8, 2011. I'm not ready to put away my summer clothes, but I suppose it's time to face the fact that the weather is changing. We were in Lörrach this morning, so I had some time to start a rainy day sketch while hiding under a covered spot on Luisenstrasse.

from my bike today

toward Egisholz, DE

October 6, 2011. Here's the view from my bicycle as I ride home from school every day. This is looking towards the village of Egisholz, as I'm riding between Wollbach and Hammerstein. I jumped off my bike to do a quick sketch- not this- then came home and re-sketched it for details. The corn is brown, the canola field there in the middle, and the hillsides are striped with vineyards.

Unification Day sketching

Kandern, DE parish house

October 3, 2011. Here's a little low-quality video I made while sketching the parish house in Kandern today, just to document some of the steps.

beach houses

Beach Houses

October 2, 2011. The campout with the boys and their dads went well. The weather couldn't have been better, the stars were magnificent; bratwurst over the campfire, night hike through the woods- memories made. Meanwhile, my daughter is with the other seniors- a church service on the beach in Italy this morning, wandering the streets of Rome today, seeing the sights, relearning the history. Today we'll ride bikes with my son to Holzen for the art fest, an annual tradition. My drawing today came from thinking about older memories, thoughts of California and campfires on the beach with friends.