his and hers

indoors today

December 29, 2011. It's our 21st anniversary today, so a little drawing of two chairs in our house, where we often sit.

up at Feldberg


December 26, 2011. Part of our kids' Christmas present the last few years has been going up to the mountains to go snowboarding. I did a little sketch while we were there. The snow looked great, the sun was out, the kids got worn out and slept all the way home.

Merry Christmas to all

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December 24, 2011. Merry Christmas from our house to yours! May these days be times of reflection on all God has given to us.

hills of summer

Black Forest Hills

December 21, 2011. Lazy days here in the Carey house. I've got several drawing projects I'm doing for some friends and family. This is a commission I finished today of the Black Forest hills around here. The last two weeks have been oppressively dark, so I'm hopeful for some sunshine when we go to Italy. Merry Christmas from the very Black Forest!

Sunday in Sicily

Sunday in Sicily

December 17, 2011. I've been waiting months to sleep in. Finally it's Christmas break, and what do I do? I get up at 6 AM to draw pictures.

dreaming of light

Palermo, IT

December 14, 2011. Living in darkness, dreaming of light. This is the time of year in Germany I really long for the warmth and light of the sun. From my art sale last month I was able to save enough money to take my family on vacation in Italy in a couple weeks. Here's a drawing of where we'll be at least one of the days. I'm hoping for some good opportunities to sketch in the sun while I'm there.

Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields

December 12, 2011. Trying to capture the color of the strawberry fields as I have seen them the last few days- didn't come close... I've never seen them the color they are this year.

100 Years Later

Kandern- Museumsgässle

December 6, 2011. I didn't realize until today that August Macke, the well-known German expressionist, had painted this scene on Museumsgässle exactly 100 years ago. Here in Kandern, there is a walking path that takes you around the village and shows you ten scenes that the artist painted while visiting his sister who lived here with her husband at the Guesthouse Krone.

Kandern Bahnhof (again)

Kandern bahnhof, DE

Bahnhof- Kandern, DE

Kandern Bahnhof, DE

December 3, 2011. I had no intention of drawing today, but I had to take my daughter to her SAT test early this morning, and everyone at home was still asleep, so I decided to sketch the train station for the third time. I spent a chunk of my day at school doing lesson plans, but tonight we went up the hill to an outdoor Christmas market type thing. A whole block of people converted their garages into restaurants and they sold artwork, crafts, soaps, candles, trinkets, waffles, soup, cakes, whatever, for charity causes. Dark, rainy, cold...burning logs everywhere to warm yourself up by- many smells. I had the potato soup with hot dogs and pieces of floating bread. Great. I'm including a sketch of the same station last fall, and from the other side back in September.

Sketch video Wollbach #2


December 2, 2011. Someone asked if I could make a sketch video showing the entire process of making a sketch. I couldn't do it. But this is as close as it gets. With the music and nature footage it's a bit melancholy, but it pretty well captures the gritty feel of sketching out-of-doors that I get to experience. The sketch is the first page of my new Moleskine A4 sketchbook, and it's a repeat of the sketch shown on the flag. Amazing that the weather on December 1 (yesterday) was so mild and dry, but we're experiencing the driest season in this area in 150 years.