a Noodle Doodle

Noodling October 16, 2012. You learn something every day; or at least you should. I don't learn half as much as I wish I did, and the half that I do learn isn't always half as relevant as the half I didn't. Today was no exception. I learned what noodling was. Apparently it's a controversial sport which involves catching catfish by hand. As my recent attempts at fishing have been less than admirable, I am beginning to consider unconventional methods of bagging fish. Here may be my answer; and I discovered that vice-president nominee Paul Ryan has himself tried it! I do apologize for my catfish here. As I have yet to catch one, I have no idea what they look like.


Owl said...

A sketch with real character :o)
Over here in the UK we call it "tickling" and it is a technique poachers tend to use to catch trout as it avoids the need for line or equipment and lessens the risk of being caught by a game keeper (as well as not costing anything for kit). I did a blog post myself called The Young Poacher to recount a tale told to me by a friend about tickling trout in the Derbyshire peak district as a young lad (he got caught as well as the fish!).
Hope you catch that catfish soon and thanks for sharing your work as always.

RobCarey said...

Apparently, there are several names for this activity. I suppose man has been doing this for ages past? I'll have to look up your post about this. Thanks!