Central Valley Christmas

Christmas 12 Christmas 12 Christmas 12 Christmas 12 Christmas 12 Christmas 12 December 27, 2012. Take a four-bedroom house. Fill it with 4 little kids, 4 teenagers, 6 Swedish grown-ups, 2 additional grown-ups, 3 dogs, (two of which will now need therapy), 200 yards of wrapping paper, 78 bows and ribbons, a half gallon of egg nog, overflowing bowls of chocolate covered nuts and raisins, a scattered collection of sleeping bags, blankets, horns and pillows, and a whole mess of opened and somewhat distinguishable white elephant gifts. Three days later see what becomes of that four-bedroom house. Although my sketches represent only the male representation of the last few days, the majority of the crowd were female, but my wisdom of omission is due to the fact that my ability to accurately portray who I am drawing is less than remarkable, and I just know better. The lower 2 drawings are repeats, of course, drawn down south with my family.


Rene Fijten said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful christmas time.

RobCarey said...

Yep- we miss our Germany friends, of course, but it's been so long since we've been with family.