on Ellery Way

Ellery Way in Fresno June 27, 2012. I got in one more sketch before the end of the day, this one while sitting on the front porch, with our van parked out front.


Cheesecake Factory- Fresno, CA June 27, 2012. My kids wanted to go to the mall and experience some American culture, so I sketched the Cheesecake Factory in the blazing sun.

Sunny & Warm

Fresno, CA June 26, 2012. Weather forecast for Fresno: Sunny and warm. The meteorologist seems to have a pretty easy job over here. Actually, the temperature has been relatively cooler than ever for Fresno this week, which makes being outside wonderful. We're getting in lots of swimming every day. I think tonight we'll hit the movie theater. Movies in English, and for half the price you pay in Europe. Can't beat it.

Santa Fe Passsenger Depot

Santa Fe Passenger Depot June 24, 2012. My wife took the train down to Fullerton to visit her sister and catch a flight to Minnesota in the morning for a conference. I stayed for a bit after she jumped on to draw the station. The city of Fresno spent $6 million back in 2005 to restore it to its original design. The whole thing is a very welcoming structure now, with palms and wooden benches, archways, and plenty of shady spots to sit and talk.

On the other side

Fresno house June 24, 2012. (A sketch from inside my mother and father-in-law's house in Fresno.) We said a tearful goodbye to our loved ones in Germany, but landed in the arms of loved ones here. The Central Valley of California seems always full of sun and fresh fruit and vegetables, ingredients for good health. The water in the pool is always active, and the skin slowly changes color. Job interviews in the next few days may bring some ideas as to what we'll be doing this next year. Many unknowns lie ahead of us. The next adventure begins. (Stillman & Birn Alpha Series 8.5 x 11 in)

last week in Europe

Blotzheim, France Lucca, Italy Cannes, France Marseille, France Naples, Italy June 13, 2012. Some of our sights this past week: The illustrious village of Blotzheim, France, an unexpected stay, followed by a visit to Lucca, Italy, then a sketch of Cannes from the boat, the old quarter of Marseille, and finally a stop in Naples before heading home. I didn't get in a sketch of Barcelona this time or Pisa, but was happy to have my sketchbook along for the journey.

Friede sei mit Euch

Kandern, DE

June 2, 2012. Friede sei mit euch. (Peace be with you.) Turning the page on this amazing chapter of our lives in Kandern, Germany... my daughter graduates today and says goodbye to her friends, who will then scatter to the four corners of the globe. A day of celebrating, but not without many tears. In just a few days, we give our final hugs to loved ones here, then board our flight back to the States, where we will begin a new and very different chapter. In times like this, the words of our Lord, engraved on this cross overlooking Kandern "Friede sei mit euch" penetrate our hearts and give us strength for the journey.